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Christmas Countdown Craft Kit

Christmas Countdown Craft Kit

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Celebrate Christmas with your kids making this classic chain garland which is used as countdown to Christmas!

With this kit you will receive: 26 strips of paper (1.5"x8") and all of the pieces pictured for the face of the kit you chose from the drop down menu.

**You will need glue for this project. Glue dots, tape or a stapler can be used as well to create the chain links.

THE WAY IT WORKS: There are 26 strips of paper. 25 of them are for each day in December and the 26th is for the first decorated piece. Upon receipt of this kit have fun with your child and put together this wonderful kit by making all the links and gluing the "face" of the character you chose onto the last piece. Hang it on a wall or your mantle where it is low enough for your child to reach easily. With each day of December have your child cut/rip one link off of the chain garland. When only the last (face) link is left ... Christmas is here!!!

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